Ship of Theseus

by Astra Heights

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    This album is so different than our Universal Republic debut. Why? Because it is an independent project! We feel this is our most personal batch of songs, songs that relate to the lonely recesses in all of us. We've chosen "Ship of Theseus" as our title because as a paradox of identity we feel the band and it's members have changed so much in the many years of our existence, yet earnestly pursue the same end: good music. A huge thank you to Brian Irwin whose magic touch made this a possibility.

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released February 16, 2010

Written & Recorded by Astra Heights
Produced by Brian H. Irwin
Recorded in 2009 at B.I. Studios, Echo Park CA
Mixed by Daniel Mendez
Mastered by Ed Brooks



all rights reserved


Astra Heights Collective Los Angeles

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Track Name: How Little We Know
"how little we know, how eager to learn"

Will my mind ever refrain
from his life's search,though vain,
for the purpose of its pursuits?
Can I ever look at a girl
without seeing my love swirl,
swimming in her innocent eyes?
As if I disdain all things pure, I burn
And turn, turn, turn to live in disguise
Yes, I know and I know I know better
Nonetheless it's convenience or never
the times I choose the Godly side.

Its our surgeons general warning
that all men are created horny.
Oh woman, is that such a surprise!?
As contrary as the weather,
Pretty beaches and sundried desert,
Are he and she, thee and thou, created so.
You must be then sincere
as to Arthur from Gueneviere,
when quietly you did spoke:

"we're as different as...
holy / shit."
Track Name: Bang Bang Bang
"Bang Bang Bang"

well mama wasn't too proud
about what her son had done
you know he went in the crowd
with his loaded gun

Bang, Bang, Bang
Bang, Bang, Bang

well he had papa's eyes
glazed from drinking anger's cup
you know he wrote it all down
and said it must be done

Bang, Bang, Bang
Bang, Bang, Bang

I've seen this scene
so many times in my poor head
I wish, I wish I was dreaming but I'm wide awake
It's building up, It's building up

Bang, Bang, Bang
Bang, Bang, Bang

as his cross hairs watered up
his clammy fingers tightened round
he longed to hear the echo
of that awful sound

Bang, Bang, Bang
Bang, Bang, Bang

The blue men came runnin' up
fingers itching from the rush
before he could make a sound
he was six feet under

Bang, Bang, Bang
Bang, Bang, Bang

I've seen this scene
so many times in my poor head
I wish, I wish I was dreaming but I'm wide awake
It's building up, It's building up

Bang, Bang, Bang
Bang, Bang, Bang
Track Name: Second Glance
looks like the writing is on the wall
you're looking down at what your pencils drawn
you've been sketching your love life out for a while,
but it's like Chinese & Japanese symbols
that don't mean nothing to me at all.

Girl after girl after girl after girl
I've been waiting here patiently still
hoping soon my name will too be called.
You know you can't deny or fake
the you and I that's been here all the while.

But I know you want me
just say that you need me
but you never once
gave me a second glance, or
took a chance on our romance at all.

you never once gave me a round
do you think I'll stick around?

...not for long.
Track Name: When the Ground Gives Way
Does the sand hide like treasure buried deep,
spite for the waves by whose crashing 'twas shaped?
For loss of majesty old cliffs may weep
or greet their rebirth at every scrape;

As the ground gives way to the weighted past
Naught's lost to waves but rather shore's new growth
And deafening tides whose violence won't last
will ebb as did the love of my once betrothed;

As loss confounded the broken heart's faith
in heaven's promise of love thru the age;
time the noble hero seeks to partake
in the soulmaking course from child to sage.

the mountain reborn as beach on the shore
quietly tutored me as no one before.
Track Name: The Featherweight
It's laid on me, its burden dims my light
like walking in mud, or the first loss of love
but I've needed it.

It's philosophy, tries to give purpose to the plight
to make noble the pain lest the world go insane.
so i've needed it.

my strength is my soul, my rock solid kinfolk
they know that i can be such a fatalist...
my pride is my yoke, and my infallible cloak,
well it hides all my weaknesses
like dusk's shyest hour
when the sky is orange colored
I love to wear it.

One day you might know
you reap more than you sow
and when that thing you've pushed aside
and swept under the rug all your life
looks you straight in the eye
don't let it give fright
know it's name
know its name
know it's name
it's sacrifice.
know it's name
know it's name
know its name
love is sacrifice.
know it's name, know it's name, know it's name, love is sacrifice.
you'll life will never be the same once you share in a sacrifice.
know its name, know its name, love is sacrifice.
a million dollars in your hand don't compare to a sacrifice.
Track Name: The Push
(do you want it harder, or just a little complex?)

by and by we seem to get along fine
but i've seen the beast in your eyes,
the one always up for a fight
oh no, you say you don't do drama no more....
but I could never believe the credibility of the source
to me you're stripes are painted deep inside
you like it hard don't try to deny
oh don't try to deny
cause you know that i know, that's right
that you're wasting my time, arguing that you want nothing but the simplest of lives
i know you want it harder, you always want it complex
i know you need it hard hard hard...

i've been dating around, now you see me wondering back
i can feel it, the scratch, the pull, the push
i know you want it harder, you always want it complex
i know you need it hard hard hard...
you know i want it harder, you know I want it complex
you know I need it harder, you know i need it complex
Track Name: I'm Scared
I see your lashes flutter
then your eyes greet the sun
may I scoot a little closer
I promise not to wake you up

kisses on your shoulder

I'm not too sure how to do this
but I know that it's fun
I'm scared to turn this into ruins
that's been my role for too long

she said not to push it hard

come closer
you look just fine
no makeup
won't change my mind
'cause I just wanted to tell you
that I've never cared

you say things that are crazy
you laugh when things are not said
you like the rings on my fingers
I love the way you cut your hair

whoa, oh oh oh...
Track Name: Under His Bed
and he looked under his bed,
into the closet, he didn't find it
so then grumbled, grumbled and
he said I'll take a walk, it seems
to be lost. Out in the street,
into the park, out in the public
asking the people to see if they'd
help out, but they all said,
"sorry, we don't wanna get involved".

he will never find out, he will never find out
the life I lead behind his back at all.

When I woke up this morning
I had a terrible pain in my back
it's been like seven years since
it's bothered me like that, I'm carrying a load
that I didn't mean to grab, whether I
deserved it or not is really quite beside
the fact.

I cried this morning when I read the news
like old John Lennon I want to sing it to you
like a bad post modern painting intent to confuse
it rushed right in and thru me what a terrible
terrible terrible muse...

Dear Momma, I didn't mean to make you cry
but you know just who i am, I'm my father's son
and you need to know, I'm gonna break some hearts
and travel the world.

"oh Kleiny, why do you say such things?"
Track Name: Infinite Line
Oh mysterious power! Oh infinite line!
construct me always by fire
as a precious object refine.

How can I love Jesus
when we've never seen eye to eye
he wants to live his way
and he knows I'm wont to live mine.
and do my duties and actions upon my death
so incline; give a faithful reenactment
of his sacrifice divine?

Oh mysterious power! Oh infinite line!
construct me always by fire
as a precious object refine.

Do I get this correctly,
to achieve my proper share,
I need not even live uprightly, or to my fellow man be fair?
So this life has taught me
through domination, pain, and despair
All is without reason, all is without plan,
life is surely then squandered questing for the purpose in man.

Oh mysterious power! Oh infinite line!
construct me always by fire
as a precious object you would refine.
Track Name: Ship of Theseus
The creaking of the boards on the weathered bow
The daily repetition of tying knots
A slip and tuck then pull it tight, muscle memory from a million times.
Before the world awakes, he rigs his sail again
Every day the same….

Simple as the scene begs to be
Look a little closer and you will find
A tattered black sail and a battered mast, leading him down a familiar path,
sieving silently the calm cold morning waves
Every day the same….

A heavenly youth, the people's pride
He's no more king than a fatherless child
The solitary dive for broken bones, such
a grim routine will likely take its toll
alone he rows back to shore.

Nothing in the world's ever made him cry
Even as a prisoner sent to die
Yet the cycles of our lives have made him bear
experiences too awful to share
And though on the outside he looks the same
The peerless warrior is injured and lame

there used to be a woman by his side
whose quiet little secret surely saved his life
the snuffing out of the monsters groan,
gave proof for him of her worthy soul
By a thread he did escape, and with her he sailed away,
the people's hero once again.

Cutting thru the seas at a sprinters pace
Absorbing up the light off the Grecian waves
The most handsome of all ships up to it's time,
pristine and unscathed throughout all this strife.
But a long, long, route ahead would test it's worth again.

Fleeting as they are the happy times
The conquered enemies and the dearest loves.
But accidental paths and Gods above
Will steer the stories of every son
And though today the grand meaning escapes
Who am I to know who he or even I should be in the end?
Track Name: Swimming In A Bottle
Swimming in a bottle
of whiskey, once again
loose cannon wild child
don't leave me my dear friend
I know you're feeling lonely
but I'm right by your side
You have too much to carry
let's throw it off tonight

sittin' in the middle
of good Jekyll and bad Hyde
I never thought I'd see
some remorse come forth from your eyes
you said that you've been thinking
about how you've lived your life
you snuffed out all your candles
for giving you some light

you never have a problem
going through your friends
if everything is not perfect
then your ship sets sail
you never have a reason
for anything you do
if you can get attached to it
you say goodbye, it's through

everybody wants to
be right by your side
they say you know the right words
you're easy on the eyes
but everything you do
is just a dirty lie
'cause when you get back to your home
you tell yourself goodnight
Track Name: Lonely Life
My freedom is not real
just the compulsion to reveal.
and my weapon is always concealed
protecting me from what they tell me to fear
my reason, what I say and feel
is a just a construct of my cultures dead ideas
and my lovers who've a taste for the kill
will do what they want and sacrifice nil
and I'd leave it all if I had somewhere to go.

Life can be a stain, oh the pain sometimes
but when the rain it falls, it drives it all away.
It's been a lonely, lonely life
in and out of love, forgetting the pain before
moving onto the next one.
It's been a lonely, lonely life
not getting what you want, the dreams that die
behind your back as the years pass on and on.
I can say with firm resolve I mess up all the time
but I won't lay the blame on someone else
when the fault is all mine.

but by and by I get on fine.

by and by we get on fine.